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Who We Are


Now more than ever, we must curb the unwarranted growth in government and bring costly services under control. Property and business owners have the greatest investment in the future of San Luis Obispo. Now we have a voice, too. SLOPBOA is the most credible advocacy group for property and business owners in the city and has earned the respect of elected leaders, city staff and other civic organizations. As members of the private sector, we bring a perspective not found in career government staff or career politicians. We speak for those who live and work here, who call San Luis Obispo home for their work or family, who are not represented by professional organizers or special interest groups.

This is grassroots involvement at its most basic level with the goal of reducing bureaucratic red tape, protecting private property rights, and ensuring good fiscal management at city hall. The San Luis Obispo Property and Business owners' Association (SLOPBOA) was formed in 1994. Our mission is to champion property and business owners, providing a voice and advocacy in facing city challenges or regional issues that are sometimes impacted by state or federal policy. We promote fiscal responsibility, accountability, and common sense in everyday city operations and management. As members of the private sector, we bring a perspective not found in career government.

Over The Years


We have built a solid reputation as the “go-to” group regarding city policies:

  • We have researched the city’s finances, its planning policies, and administrative procedures in an effort to cut ballooning city expenditures and promote a more business friendly climate.
  • In 2005 we hired an independent consultant to review our city’s finances. His forecast of a fiscal train wreck if major structural reforms were not made has embarrassingly come true. Many of the ideas we promoted at that time are now belatedly being adopted, but there is still much to be done.
  • More taxes, fees and regulations are not the answer.

Facing Today’s Challenges, Now More Than Ever

Mission Statement:

The San Luis Obispo Property and Business Owners' Association (SLOPBOA)

To champion the interests of local San Luis Obispo property and business owners' and provide a respected voice for advocacy for city and/or regional issues that are impacted by state or national policies.